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Speaker expenses will be covered!

All confirmed speakers will have free access to OpenCms Days 2016. During the event, speakers will enjoy free food and beverages from the conference buffet.

We will also reimburse all speakers that do not speak on behalf of conference sponsors for their travel and hotel costs expenses. There is a limited budget for this, so the following rules apply for the reimbursement of expenses for speakers:

  • We will provide a hotel room for a speaker for up to 3 nights. This will be a *** star hotel close to the location of the event, which is also in the heart of the city of Cologne, Germany. The hotel room will include breakfast.
  • We will pay the travel costs (e.g. flight, train, taxi etc.) of a speaker up to a maximum amount of 500 Euro.
  • Speakers will have to disburse the price for the travel costs tickets upfront. The speaker can then claim reimbursement for travel costs after the event. For reimbursement, the speaker must submit the tickets used to arrive to the event. Reimbursement will be given only for the tickets actually submitted.

OpenCms Days is targeted towards an international audience. The language spoken at the event will be English, and all presentations have to be held in English language, too. 

Submit your Session Proposal

OpenCms Days sessions usually have a length of about 60 minutes. A typical presentation session would be 45 minutes, followed by a 15 minutes discussion. Other session formats, such as workshops, roundtable discussions and BOF meetings, are also possible.

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